Reverend Edward Moore was Rector of Frittenden from 1842 until 1869. He and his wife, Harriet, had a major impact on the village and indeed on how it looks. They rebuilt the church at their own cost of around £6,000. They were also heavily involved in the creation of the school, a Provident Society, a Penny Bank and much else besides. Edward Moore, was a major landowner in the parish, second only to the Cornwallis Estate. He was also responsible for many buildings in the parish, including the creation of Parsonage Farm, the largest farm at that time.

In 1921 his children funded a memorial column for their father.  This is situated on the right side of the pathway midway between the lychgate and the south door to the church.  The inscription reads ‘Dedicated AD 1921.  In pious memory of Edward Moore, Priest sometime Patron, Rector and Benefactor of this Church and Parish’.

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