Purple plaques

Frittenden Historical Society is to mark its 50th anniversary by launching a “blue” plaque scheme. Some 30 properties of historic interest, sited within the village boundaries, will display a plaque. These are circular discs measuring 300mm (12ins) across, purple coloured, with white lettering.

There will be a formal ‘unveiling’, 11.30am Sunday 16 June starting at the church and then moving around the village.

A booklet is being produced in conjunction with the scheme. This will provide a list of the properties covered by the scheme, giving the name of each property displaying a plaque and with an illustrative map showing the siting of the historic plaques. Each property will also have a more detailed description of its place in Frittenden’s history.

Do join us for this unique event and learn more about the history of your village.

To order a copy of the booklet visit https://frittendenhistoricalsociety.co.uk/publications/

The Society is grateful for the co-operation of the owners and occupiers of the properties who have agreed to be part of the scheme.